Five mission-critical roles every successful optimization program needs

By Divya Sinha, Performance Lead

While today’s connected consumer journey may include brand interactions across dozens of different mediums (Snapchat, anyone?), your site still plays a starring role as the final conversion point in your brand’s online ecosystem.

With that being said, how many companies truly have a solid grasp on the user behavioral data intricacies that comprise a site conversion path and the resources to execute the tests needed to optimize that path? Hint: Not many.

An ROI-focused web optimization program should utilize A/B… and multivariate testing, segmentation, targeting, personalization to optimize the online customer experience. Although testing tools have increased in sophistication, many brands are still in the infant stage of optimization.

Despite an emphasis on driving conversions, it’s still common to see one or two marketers responsible for the testing program of an entire site. This is a surefire way to stall both the strategy and execution of your testing roadmap.

So, what should a successful web optimization team look like?

Optimization Strategist

  • Partners with content and site owners to understand the short term and long term goals of the company to create an optimization strategy
  • Uses data driven insights as well as UX best practices and heuristics
  • Works with stakeholders to prioritize the tasks and strategies

Data Analyst

  • Derives insight from data
  • Monitors the health of the Optimization program
  • Reports on progress of Optimization Program

Solution Engineer

  • Creates the technical backbone to launch an Optimization Program

QA Engineer

  • Performs quality assurance testing for the features launched as a part of Optimization program

Project Manager

  • Tracks the progress of Optimization program
  • Coordinates with stakeholders to manage expectations and timelines

If you’re missing any of these roles or functions, you can still run tests on your site, but you run the risk of missing conversion lift opportunities across your entire site.

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